Building large scale JavaScript web applications with BoilerplateJS..

JavaScript is now a highly demanded and popular language among developers. Because it is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented and cross-platform scripting language. Many libraries, frameworks and APIs have now been developed by many parties to address certain pain points. So the usage of JavaScript has now been extended from simple popups, alerts and data validations to large scale product suites.
Though there are enough JavaScript resources (libraries, frameworks and APIs), it is still a pain point to develop a large scale product suite where the advance programming concepts/standards like object orientation, modularity and design patterns have to be followed. So the requirement of a reference architecture was there.

BoilerplateJS is a reference architecture which defines architectural best practices to address the above pain points. It is a collection of product engineering patterns and some solid industry-leading JavaScript libraries. And the cool thing is you don’t have to stick only with these integrated libraries, You can use your preferred libraries.

As an overview BoilerplateJS provides following features

  • Well defined solution structure
  • Easy dependency management
  • Support for defining modules and pluggable UI components
  • Event driven messaging
  • Controller routing
  • Unit testing support
  • Localization
  • Document generation
  • Optimization
The next main requirement when developing a web application, is the server side integration. But when using BoilerplateJS you don’t have to worry about which server side technology you should use. Because this can be used with any server side technology.
Final concern of using BoilerplateJS would be using it for commercial purposes. In this case we don’t have to worry at all since this is shipped under the MIT license as an open source project. So without any hesitation now you can start boiling your product with BoilerplateJS.



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